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About Us

Coheso, Inc. creates innovative health management tools to help individuals in their quest for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to health related websites, we make handheld devices for diabetes management and weight loss.

With MyRecipeCircle, you can browse for recipes, make friends with people who share your flair for flavor, and find something quick and easy to make for dinner. Best of all, MyRecipeCircle helps you organize your recipes, create weekly menus, and generate shopping lists based on your recipes and meal plans.

CalorieSmart is a handheld calorie counter that helps people tailor their weight loss plan. More than a portable calorie counter, the extensive food database built into the CalorieSmart calorie counter provides instant access to the nutritional content of over 35,000 different food items, including those from over 500 brands of food and 250 restaurants. CalorieSmart calorie counter helps you follow your exercise and diet progress, making it the ultimate tool for keeping a happy, healthy body.

Track3 is a small customizable handheld carb and calorie counter that helps individuals self-manage their diabetes. This portable diabetes carb counter and planner lets diabetics track daily food intake, activity levels, and prescribed medications and see the effect on their blood sugar levels.

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